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Michael Vick's Unseen Career

Posted on: November 16, 2010 4:16 pm
Edited on: November 16, 2010 4:18 pm
After all that has been said and done about the last three years of this man's life, Michael Vick showed everyone last night that skill never goes away.  He left-handedly destroyed not only the Redskins, but any chance of me going to the playoffs in one of my leagues, (tear for me).  For a man who is known for making mistakes, both on and off the field, he has yet to throw an interception since Christmas Eve 2006, when he had probably the worst game in his career.  So, if he hadn't decided to harbor a huge dog killing fiasco on his property (note: I refuse to get into an argument about that case), what would his career look like now?  Personally, I think he would be right where he is now.  In fact, he should probably be wearing a Super Bowl ring trying to break career milestones like, 30,000 passing yds, 200 passing tds, 10,000 rushing yds and 50 rushing tds.  And here's my reasonings for this assumption.

If you look at the Falcons now, who Vick would definately still be on, they are 7-2 with all the support Matt Ryan needs to bring them to the Super Bowl, that's right I think they will go to the Super Bowl this year.  Now just replace Matt Ryan, and all the QBs the Falcons went through in the 2007 season, with Vick and its still a perfect fit.  Michael Turner would provide the run support Vick would need to stop him from trying to run every play, Snelling provides a reliable dump option, White has matured into a great WR, and with Jenkins at #2 and a mediocre TE (because neither Crumpler nor Gonzalez would be on the team) Vick would have all the options he needs downfield.  Lastly, the OL deserves a huge amount of credit, since they allow a good QB enough time to pick apart defenses.

So, what do you think?  Obviously I made some assumptions since all of this is hypotical anyways, but I'm curious to see if I'm alone in my thought process.  Reminder, discuss his career on the field only.  This is not a judicial argument.

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Posted on: November 16, 2010 7:59 pm

Michael Vick's Unseen Career

I algree with thoughts with "What if he always played with the Falcons." Vick has always been a different type of quarterback, but not always the most accurate,(With Atlanta) not saying its his fault nor not his fault. My question and a question everyone should be asking. When Vick came back to the NFL. Why was he never played, even after showing the starting potential. IM Not a Eagles fan, but even when McNabb was traded, what was wrong with Vick starting, Kobb got the spot. Yes I know the best man will play rule. But I sincerly feel in my own thoughts and feelings, that along side the Philadelphia sideline there is possibly a very well hidden anti-vick group. Now like i said these are all my own feelings and thoughts, but when I think about it thats how I feel. I felt since the day Philadelphia signed Vick it was a good choice, if was able to adapt to the offence. Cause lets face it in Atlanta, the offence adapted around Vick. But there has not been one report about Vick having difficulties with performing since he signed with The Eagles. So why all the hesitation? But just like any other situation, the way Vick is playing now. He is back on the spot light and no one can speak bad on his performances, and the anti-vick group is silenced. The writer stated that Vick should possibly be wearing a superbowl ring, I take it as he meant if he never had left the Falcons. I on the other hand do not like to think of the what ifs, when there was no possibility in reality, sorry. But what I now ask the writer and everyone else is, with my personal opinions already stated. How many super bowls have the eagles possibly forfeited with Vick standing solo on the sideline, with coaches knowing his potential?

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